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All Projects
Bechtel Enka Projects
HPP Lepenci 3
KOSTT Substations Projects
KEDS Projects
  • Project in KOSTT Substations LOT 1 and LOT 4
  • Projects in Reconstruction of KEDS networks
  • Project Hydro power plants Lepenci 3
  • Project for Dislocation of lines Motorway Prishtina –Hani I Elezit
  • Manufacturing of LV panels and kiosks for Transformer stations
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Our Services

New HV Substations projects

–Realization of projects in the building

of new High Voltage Substations

110kV, 220kV and 400kV;

Medium Voltage projects

–Design and realization of projects in MV

up to 35kV as underground cable lines,

Overhead lines, MV switchgear in the Substations

Implementation of Low Voltage projects

-Design and realization of projects in Low voltage 0.4kV

: electrical installation in the residential facilities,

industrial buildings, sportive centers etc

Secondary and Auxiliaries in HV Substation

-Implementation and testing of secondary equipment

and Auxiliaries in High voltage and medium voltage Substations

Rehabilitation of existing HV Substations projects

–Rehabilitation of existing

high voltage Substations

110kV, 220kV  and 400kV

Distributive Transformer stations Projects

–Design, completion, and mounting of distributive

Transformer stations 10(20)/0.4kV and

35/0.4kV up to 1600KVA

Commissioning works

–measurements and testing: DC HV test up to 80kV of insulation for cable lines and switchgear,

testing of earthing systems as a measurement of earthing resistance

and step contact voltage, testing of secondary circuits etc

Public lighting projects and Telecommunication projects

Who are we

“monting“ Company

Company “Monting “was established in 1993 in Prishtina. At the beginning we started with electrical installations of small and medium objects as well as completing of distributive substations.

In 1995 was established the workshop for repairing of power transformers and showed very successful. During the period 1995-1998 as this workshop functioned, were repaired around 200 transformers rating power from 30 to 630 kVA.



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